Lecture Program

November. 23 (Fri)

13:00-14:00Introduction to Hair Transplantation
Course overview and history of hair restoration surgery
Patient consult: Ethics, Expectations, and Patient Selection
General rules and procedures of hair restoration surgery
Jung Chul Kim Detail
Director, KNUH Hair Transplantation Center
14:00-15:00How to Set up FUE Surgery?
FUE basic concepts
FUE punches and Punch machines
Transections in FUE: Definition, Consequences,Management
Jae-Hyun ParkDetail >
Director, DANA Plastic Surgery Hair Transplant
15:00-16:00Graft Placement and How to Use KNU Implanter?
Hairline design
Anesthesia and hemostasis
Graft preparation and storage
Graft placement and use of implanter
Moon kyu KimDetail >
Professor, KNUH Hair Transplantation Center
16:00-17:00Eyebrow Transplantation
Principles of eyebrow reconstruction
Shapes of eyebrow
Consideration points for eyebrow restoration
Jin Wook Jung Detail >
Director, Dermo Hairplant Mijiye Skin Clinic, Gwangju

November. 24 (Sat)

09:00-10:00Hair Science and Cloning
Anatomy and physiology of hair growth
Hair Cycle Physiology and the Genetics of Hair
Loss Myth and reality of hair cloning
Ji-Won OhDetail
Assistant Professor, KNUH Hair Transplantation Center
Introduction and principles of ARTAS robot
How to set up operation using ARTAS
Kwang Young KangDetail >
Director Clinical Faculty,
KNUH Hair Transplantation Center
11:00-12:00Complication and Management
Emergency preparedness
Post-operative care and general complications
Donor scar
Geun Park
Director, Centum Mobics Dermatology and Hair Transplantation Clinic, Busan
12:00-13:00Female Hairline
Basic principles of female hairline correction
Hairlines of Asian women
Tips for hairline correction
Ji-Sup AhnDetail
Representative Doctor, Dr. Ahn Hair Transplantation Clinic, Seoul

Live Surgery Program

November. 25 (Sun)

10:00-16:00Team 1. Hair Transplantation Live Surgery
Hair Transplantation Center Kyungpook National University Hospital
10:00-16:00Team 2. Hair Transplantation Live Surgery
Hair Transplantation Center Kyungpook National University Hospital


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