Lecture Program

2019 Nov 30 09:00-18:06

09:00-09:34Session 1: Free Paper 1
Moderator : Jin Wook Jung Detail , Kwang Young Kang Detail
Dermo Hairplant Mijiye Skin Clinic, Moraenae Dermatology Clinic
09:21-09-27Fractional Laser Combined with PRP for Hair Loss
Ratchathorn Panchaprateep
09:28-09:34A Case of 24hrs Delayed Hair Transplantation Under General Anesthesia
Kwang Young Kang Detail
Moreaenae Dermatology Clinic
09:35-09:45 Q & A
09:46-10:25Session 2: Implantation
Moderator : Sung Joo (Tommy) Hwang, Dae Young Kim Detail
Dr. Hwang’s Hair Clinic, Apgujeong Yonsei Hair Transplantation Center
09:59-10:06 Automatic Implanter Machine
Moon Kyu Kim Detail
KNUH Hair Transplantation Center
10:15-10:25Sharp Needle Implanter Technique using Hwang Implanter
Sung Joo (Tommy) Hwang Detail
Dr. Hwang’s Hair Clinic
10:26-10-:36Q & A
10:37-10:57 Break Time
Session 3: Non-Surgical
Moderator : Yung Joon Kim, Yoo Noo Noh
Mosik Sugery Clinic, Maxwell Dermatology Clinic
10:58-11:18 Why Propecia?
In Joon Lee Detail
Yonsei Nova Dermatological Clinic
11:19-11:39 The 5 ARIs and Its influence on Sexual Function of Male Patients: Longitudinal Analysis
Woo Sung Hong
11:40-11:55 Dermoscope for Hair Transplant Surgeons
Ranchathorn Panchaprateep
11:56-12:06 Q & A
12:07-13:00 Lunch
Session 4: Hair Science
Moderator : Jung Chul Kim Detail , Byung Cheol Park Detail
KNUH Hair Transplantation Dermatology, Dankook University Hospital
13:00-13:12 Allogeneic Hair Transplantation: The Current Experiments in Animal Models
Oh Sang Kwon
Dermatology of Seoul National University Hospital
13:13-13:25 Animal Model of Alopecia Areata
Young Lee
Dermatology, Dankkok University Hospital
13:26-13:38 Alopecia in Genomic World 2.0
Byung Cheol Park Detail
Dermatology, Dankook University
13:39-13:51 Heterogeneous Domains Driving Rapid Spatiotemporal Hair Growth Patterning
Ji Won Oh
Anatomy, KNUH Hair Transplantation Center
13:52-14:02Q & A
Session 5: FUE 1
Moderator : Hang Rea Cho, Gun Park
Ohkims Dermatology, Centum Mobigs Dermatologic Clinic
14:29-14:54 Interfollicular Distance Variation by Difference in Depth
Jae Hyun Park Detail
Dana Plastic Surgery Clinic
14:55-15:05 Q & A
15:06-15:26 Break Time
Session 6: Female Hairline Correction
Moderator : Jae Heon Jung, Ji Sup Ahn Detail
Yonsei Hair Plastic Surgery Clinic, Dr. Ahn Hairplant Clinic
16:12-16:22 FUSS Technique
Sung Chul Hong
Dr. Hong’s Plastic Surgery Clinic
16:23-16:33 FUE Technique
Jong Pil Choi
JP Plastic Surgery Clinic
16:56-17:06 Q & A
17:07-17:11 Break Time
Session 7: FUE 2
Moderator : In Joon Lee Detail , Min Ho Kang
Yonsei Nova Dermatologic Clinic, Gangnam Romimo Clinic
17:12-17:22 Beard to Scalp FUE
Seung Hyun You
Dana Plastic Surgery Clinic
17:23-17:33 A Comparative Study between Totally Preserved FUE Grafts
and Epidermis Trimmed FUE Grafts in Post-Operative Progression : A Preliminary Study
Hyo Kang
Miracle Clinic
17:34-17:44 FUE Experiences on Various Ethnicities
Young Geun Ryu
Moart Clinic
17:45-17:55 Personel Experience: Challenges in FUE
Hyung Suk Kim
Apgujeong Tonsei Hair Transplant Clinic
17:56-18:06 Q & A

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