Jung Bal Kwon

International Medical & Cultural Exchange Association
Affiliation Detail

Educational Background & Work Experience

  • (At present)
    President, International Medical & Cultural Exchange Association, Plc.
    Visiting Professor, Jilin Medical University, China
    Head of medical tourism project, Duk Young dental hospital
    Honorary Director of Ji Yenhua Hospital, Heilongjiang Province, China
    Honorary Director of Dalinghe Hospital, Liaoning Province, China
    Member of Crime Prevention Commission, Ministry of Justice, Korea
  • 2016 Executive Chairman, International Health and Beauty Expo
  • 2015 Leader of the Korean National Team, World Sambo Tournament in Russia
  • 2014
    Medical consultations and MOU in Bukhwa University, Jilin, China
    MOU with “Let Me In” Medical Group in Beijing
    Managing Director, “Miso” Plastic Surgery
  • 2009~2011 Executive Director, Nakdong Gang Research Institute, Kyungpook National University
  • 2008~2010 First President of Culture Rotary
  • 2009~2011 Office Team Leader, Crime Victim Center, Daegu Provincial Police Agency
  • 2008 Vice Chairman, China Forum, Graduate School of Daegu Catholic University
  • 2006~2012 Director, SuSung Cultural Center, Daegu Metropolitan City
  • 2008~2012 Chief Director, “Medi-M” Nursing School, Plc.


  • Mayor’s award in 2010
  • Daegu Mayor Award 2017

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College of Medicine, Yeungnam University
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